Making Spare Car Keys

Autolockmaster believe that holding spare car keys is a good precaution that should be taken by every car owner.  When you mistakenly lock your key inside the car then you will definitely need the spare set for unlocking the car.

This saves time, money and the inconvenience of having a locksmith come to your car and can be done at your convenience.  You can easily share your car keys with other people in your family preventing the need of loaning out your only set.

It is essential you have a spare set of keys made to your vehicle before they are lost and to keep the spare in a safe and secured place.

For a dealer to get a replacement key, he will need your ownership proof (V5).  The car will have to be taken (recovered or driven) to his forecourt and requires a lot more money then a mobile locksmith.

The Spare Car Keys types are as follows

  • A clone of the remote (for remote locking)
  • A Clone of the Key (for manualy opening doors and the ignition)
  • A surf key ( A smaller and more comfortable key that will gain you access but not start your car/Van)
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AUTOLOCKMASTER - Replacement Keys | Key Repairs | Vehicle Access


AUTOLOCKMASTER - Replacement Keys | Key Repairs | Vehicle Access


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